Cicada II (Elevated Variant)

(Take 5 steps and..)

I’ve been in the fading light
breathing in stretched out time.

(Take 7 and..)

I’ve been counting them on my bedroom door
waiting for the next ride.

And everytime,
I feel their feet – crawling through the dark room.

I see their fate – I can barely even move.

I can hear them in the dead night,
singing by the sea side.

And everytime,
I see them play – their crawling on the top floor.

Even with a new slate,
their sucking on a seed’s state.


I feel the floor – it’s shaking ‘neath a diamond eye.

I hear them cease – their falling through old skin.

Knelt below the fire
kneeling low ‘neath the wire


Elevated behaviour.


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