Classic “guess I’ll wear a suit” day
Classic stride in the sun smile
Classic Tinariwen joint clickin’ while inhaling a long black
Classic don’t lock eyes with the bored security guard grin
Classic entry code failure
Classic try the next machine
Classic joggin’ up the concrete stairs alongside the hypocritically placed peices of indigenous art
Classic sterile carpet glide
Classic heavy door pull almost fall over jig
Classic hyperactive supervisor nonsense talk
Classic click click
Classic ctrl c – ctrl v
Classic “plan dated 12 November at tab 46 will be exhibit 79”
Classic “what you refer to as being the ‘incident’…”
Classic pull the document from the bottom of the pile
Classic everything flies everywhere and the green highlighter falls on top with a dank dead fish thud
Classic wednesday! wednesday! wednesday!
Classic “woo!”
Classic caffinated knuckle dance
Classic “boo!”
Classic “voodoo lady ~ shaking that stick ~ driving me crazy”


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