Bearded Lady

Get on train.

A strange short bearded woman briskly walks up to me, wraps her fingers around both my plaits and faces me while looking into my eyes and smiling

“Your hair is so pretty”
“Oh.. well thank you”
“So pretty”
“Thank you”
“Will you do my hair like that when it grows?”
“How long will it take? 2 years? ”
“Depends. Depends how quickly your hair grows”
[She puts her hand on my belly]
“How old are you? you’re skinny”
“29 in a couple of weeks”
“I’m skinnier than you, I’m 50”
“No way! Really?”
“You’re not 50”
“Yeah I am”
“Wow you’re looking good for 50 then”
“Thanks. I’m getting a husband”
“Ahh really?”
“Yeah from the middle east”
“Is that where the husband tree grows?”
“Haha yes”
“Where in the middle east?”
“Oh okay, so that’s where you met him then huh?”
“Well congratulations”
“Thank you, I’m getting off, bye”
[Abruptly pushes past me to leave]

I look up and all the seniors are smiling at me and I realize we have won hearts.

God bless mental illness sometimes hey. Cute AF


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