Girl meets Gorilla

Given the recent events in Cincinnati.. I’d like to take this opportunity to bring to light an incident that unfolded circa Dec ’92.

I was at Melbourne Zoo.. but a wee lil thing of about 5 years in my hot pink corduroy pants (and probably some kind of shitty stained t-shirt with a print of a koala or something). Staring wide eyed and hypnotized into the Gorilla enclosure. Waiting. Waiting with an audience of fellow attendees/onlookers, who, at a distance of around about 1 meter, lingered in anticipation behind me; the child (who gets viewing priority).

Standing there, as I was, on the brickwork. With my little white girl nose pressed up against the thick panes of glass. Waiting patiently to get a glimpse of the great beast.

It was cold and dark inside. Nothing was happening.

Then suddenly, he was there! Regal in his dominant stance. Motioning side to side with a smooth and steady strut, out from behind some object (or foliage, I can’t recall) like he were channeling some kind of sexy LL Cool J swagger. A huge.. magnificent creature. Staring right back at me with a mysterious intrigue and a foreboding aura of universal strength and power.

A cool silence lingered as time dissipated into a gentle ruminating pulse. The air gliding atop of it was calm and centered as, I exhaled my warm breath on to the cold and lifeless glass.

Our eyes locking in a prolonged exchange that surpassed all space and time. Permeating the inner most crevices of my little-big child soul. Thumping heartbeat in an expansive silence.

Then he ran. So fast. At the glass. So fast at the glass. Dank, heavy thuds reverberated ominous across the ground, when his body weight shifted there; from foot to foot. There he crashed, bashing at the glass.There he smashed his giant gorilla body up against it. Right up against the glass where I was, there, at the other side. Pounded it with his giant gorilla fists. Shaking the foundations of the enclosure with full fury and vigor. Roaring with his giant gorilla mouth that housed his violent gorilla teeth ‘tween blood red gums. The warmth of his roaring breath fogged the glass on his- the prisoner’s – side with those markings of aggressive passion and of life. The sound of his booming roars echoed out there, into space infinite.

I, needless to say, immediately fell backwards upon impact, hit my head on the concrete and cried and cried and cried and didn’t stop crying for a very long time. The pure red aggression in his eyes was all too much, never paralleled. And ALL the people around us laughed and thus began a long and strenuous relationship with public humiliation.

The end.

Fuck Gorillas

Nah Just joking. Gorillas are amazing creatures. Creatures to be FEARED AND FREE (probably)

R.I.P You strong majestic bastard, may your glory forever live on in the fern and the vine and in all that’s jungle divine.


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