The Effigy

haircut? new face? paper bag? plastic face? sequin face? feather face? fire comedy mask? Britney smooth mud mask head rub? roll in grass til body becomes grass? fill mouth with explosives? run til vomiting point? shower at boiling point? walk naked into horizon? dance until bloody foot fall down? gently siphon fat stores before feeding to hungry hippo while he shivers through Alaskan winter? buy pineapple? pin apples to a pine tree? water tragedy mask? drink fermented herb ale til blackout? swim naked into horizon? eat fermented herb grain til spontaneous combustion caused by a build up of gas pressure in body air bag? gamble runes for a quart of buffalo milk? fill face lines with polymer gap filler bought from local hardware store for $11.99? speak squeaky infantile femme voice to fit gender stereotype at 22.43? enamored stranger rapture? activate seduction sequence 342 at an airspeed velocity of 10 metres per second? activate almonds before placing inside agate crystal ball to insert into vaginal canal for strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles before menopausal decline? pay homeless classical music maverick man to give back massage with ergonomic future hand? paint face? clay face? meat face? soil face? leak face? smoosh face? jump backward spin wingbeat amplitude of 90 degrees/17cm? gather ratio, inject with custard feel, feed to ‘at risk’ juveniles as special hypercolour frosted cinnamon donut from Wagga Wagga? disguise dark emotions in hieroglyphic religious textbook and escape to secret island off the coast of Bermuda with a soft Portugese gymnast? have a think? sit in sink? prance awhile as le peacock in le soft fluffy towel? simmer sympathetic sentiment in hot hormone injected chicken broth for 20 minutes before returning to Manus island in Styrofoam cup marked ‘xox’? love thy neighbour? love thy neighbour’s wife? love thy neighbour’s disturbing taste in moral etiquette? love thy bald cockatoo that calls all ladies ‘missus cream party pie’? cast nude shadow of female silhouette over deep rooted feeling of loneliness and isolation while listening to white noise in an Epsom salt bath on the 10th floor of a high rise apartment building in Subiaco? just can’t get enough, can’t get enough.


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