throw me in the river

“Oh! Friendly cloud, look! Here I am.. up in the sky with you.. floating gently as a mote on the breeze… watching my uterus get devoured by wild dogs and insects on the dusty red ground.. only to be stitched together again by mystic men and washed clean in the bubbling waters of the old river.”

Floating eternally here on borrowed time.

Eternally walking into the sun there setting.. on the horizon line wide..
eternally walking through barren landscape on that stretch of open road in mind..
eternally walking there in sparkly sequined suit divine..
tatters adorn her; by the end of the ride.
Falling; feet bloodied on the bitumen she dives.
Picking herself up. Again and again
Stumbling upon another magic man’s pen
Stumbling again to the next mirage in clear sight.
Stumbling again to the next unimaginable height.

Fumbling and running into a land of sweet delight
stitched into the fabric of a land without light.

Eternal. Open wide.


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