Barking backlash, hacked out from the blunt impact.

She’s wandering senseless through a mountain range, backtracked. He left her there. Threadbare. Drove off in his bone, off-white, stone, cream, hand grenade of a mean machine; Defender. He didn’t care for sharp red escapades. Yet she had elicited far more than just a few from the moment she had crept into his view. So he accelerated as he swerved and left her there standing, clad in a dank cloud of dry reddened dust. Naked after the rolling.

All the little crevices in her brow were slowing forming, pinking from the pins of white light from above. Little burnt patches encasing an otherwise ivory wildfire that was her facial pyre. Looking down into the earth, dancing with the dirt; “Life here is immaculate” she inspired. She was a maiden wooden creeper, swooping through the hillside like a bird of pure grace; a tender kind of prey. She held on tight when in flight. From her abdominal instrument right through to her thoracic spinal chimes a’ringing. Her trunk alight there; electric, tensing atmospheric.

She wouldn’t be leaving here without every path having been traversed ever so gently. From the Sky Mouth to the River Birth. There is not much she can say of life but that all paths ought only be begun when undefined, so as to be carved out as Adonis from a cold Stone block, with precision and with time. She’s parading her mask around here always; that romantic come pedantic youthful hand of an artist’s apprentice, in demand. Masterfully engaged with doing justice to the wide turning lands. There is no sore sky for her here now, no faded eyes in her sight here now. Life here merely glitters majestic; voltaic and wholly wild.

But the hillside is left alight tonight. The whole forest ablaze. The huntress’ garden flaming. She’s rooted like a tree after a storm, knee deep in the mud and low-down like a liar. I can’t begin to explain it. Nor even retain it. I’ve nurtured her like a willow, weeping. I’ve bludgeoned her pillow, stirred with her waters and comforted her like a daughter.


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