The Wait

She fell gracefully.
Handed down.
Down the old isle of deathly steps from the grips of old great gods.
Gods of thunder and sky.. that churned above us.
She fell gracefully and whimpered as a kitten to a butterfly when she feel simply to the earthly floor.
Like a feather to a blanket.
And she moaned.
Her ivory teeth adorned as vitreous whitewares glowing in a moonlit bathroom after midnight.
Blue filtered and wise.
Clenched; they did bite.
Bite on. Bite down.
Bite on the nothingness of the everything that surrounded her.
Ever so gently with teeth as soft as little stones tumbling over wild rocks.
Wild rocks embraced by the bubbling of a wandering stream.
She gasped and collapsed and filled herself with breeze.
The strength of her composite body rippled outward in waveforms from beneath the ticking of her overzealous electric mind.
Her electric mind, that; being an entity that is weaved together by an intricate network of threads that make up her larger electric body, pulsated there gently.
Like an intergalactic moon rock awaiting its descent into the unchartered valleys in the realms of ancient long lost homelands; unscathed by the passages of time.
She waited awhile.


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