threading fibres

I was sitting on some grass in the dark the other night, looking at some big old gums get pummeled by ancient winds.. their presence in space so breathtakingly prominent. And then I thought about how their root systems were outstretched beneath me, intertwined with the smaller root systems of nearby plantilife.. like the blades of grass that held me there, breathing.

Armies of exoskeletal creatures maneuvering their ways through underground caves. Then I thought of the cool foreboding winds and how far they had come to get there, all that they had passed along the way. How they jolted the trunks and the limbs of the great old trees (that are minute specks to a plane or a star or a high flying bird). And all the little families of living creatures that had buckled down there for the night, now jolted side to side beneath a ceiling of celestial lights.

And then there are those dates we all have, to commemorate the time after we were concieved, then grown, when we were shot out a passageway to further develop a material confine and a stardust enterprise in the enchanted realm of life.


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