Storm tide

Shards of lightning smash on the surface of the water; salty and suspended in a fraction of a second. I look out at the storm clouds as they stretch across the calm and infinite horizon of the west. Where all the big container ships and creatures of the depths rest. The water is sinister and still before the storm rolls in. Silken and immobilised as a jet ski rips through her flank. White cockatoos clammer above me in the trees. Grinding and discarding nuts with a comedic aggression. They scream at one another tween the calls of other species. Makes me wish I could speak fluent bird.

Off to my right, a little girl in a pink dress sits alongside her grandfather and keeps yelling “thunder” every time she sees a bolt of lightning. A couple nuzzle on a bench on the other side, I avoid their smiling eyes at every cost. I wonder whether the beach was like this when that guy asked “can you hear the dolphins cry?” ha.

The birds increase the volume and intensity of their shrieks and, almost in succinct unison, the sky comes crashing drown from her giant growling underbelly as it churns. And everyone runs for shelter from the big ol water bullets.

I loathe being around people then.. And their chatter makes me nauseous. So I take to the reserve.. Run through an unsealed trail that hasn’t been touched for a real long time. As I run I realise there are giant spiders resting in the centre of their web beds in the treetops just barely above me. So I cover my head with my white pathetic little stumpy hands and bend and run like some kinda terrified soldier. The thunder cracks violently all around me like the trees are bout to come crashing down.

Then I realise that all I’m fucking running from is water. Which in itself is fucking ridiculous. It’s not even cold. It’s just wet. So I stop and I let it soak through all my clothes, all my hair, all my shoes and socks, and all my skin.

And sit on a burnt log and laugh at myself.

I walk a bit more and the sun comes out through the pouring rain just as I pass a committed jogger.. who, could’ve easily been a male cast member from Baywatch circa 91, but who didn’t seem to find it as funny and absurd as I did.

Must’ve been that big black cloud in the sky that looked like an angel. Or that Triangle of dead pigeons in the city with a living one perched in the middle of it. Or that old guy with a long time old m8 south American parrot sitting on his shoulder giving him Eskimo kisses. Or the old lady wearing the rain forest print shirt that had “GET LOST” printed in the centre of it. Or the woman on the bus who kept stroking my hair while proceeding to tell me that I’d be punished later.


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