I want to create a huge scene. Drive a pick axe through this computer screen. Rip all the cords out of the wall. Storm out the door as a raging cyclone on path of destruction. And throw the whole stupid technological apparatus down the huge staircase in the foyer. Down every damn hard concrete step, to shatter and obliterate in front of security like an exploding star. It will be quiet. They will all look up at me; befuddled. With slight furrows in their aged brows that leave residual lines on their skin for longer than they would if they were 20 years younger. And I’ll think about how depressing it is that all the strong men are behind the bars while all the guards here are soft, old, roly-poly people who could barely run a block let alone contain an outburst.  But hey! They have a nice eyes, and I’ll surely feel bad about thinking this in 10 minutes time.


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